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Sponsorship Opportunities

At Valley First, we believe that every community deserves equitable access to outdoor recreational activities regardless of population or income level. This access is an integral part of mental and physical health for all ages. Unfortunately, the park within our small, rural community has been sitting, partially finished and unusable for almost two decades. As such, we have launched a fundraising campaign to complete our community park and make it usable and accessible for all members of Colorado City and Rye.

We still have a lot to accomplish to complete the planned projects. That is why we would like you to consider donating to our current campaign. Your donation will help improve community vitality, and equitable access and provide opportunities for youth connections. 

In addition to the tax incentives of donating to a federally recognized 501(c)(3), we will provide recognition and marketing exposure to your business as a proud sponsor of our efforts based on the following sponsorship levels.

Would you be willing to help us reach our goals?

Donate Now!

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